If it wasn't for the long loading times, my playtime would have been around half.

User Rating: 2 | Puddle PS3
I downloaded the game as I have heard that it could be a nice puzzle game. FIrst, it shocked me the sixe of the download...anyway, after installing it you are welcome by a loading screen. When you finally get to the menu, you may choose playing the game, options, buying the full game among others.

I started playing and another long loading screen later the game started, the controls were easy and reminded me of LocoRoco, but only in terms of controls, the nightmare was just about to begin.

As you start the puddle gets stuck and you have a couple of buttons that need to be pressed in order to continue, you create momentum by alternating L and R until both buttons are pressed, the container opens and there you go.

It;s worth mentioning that the puddle is not fluid, is more of the jelly kind so when the puddle starts flowing some drops start to drag, that may not be a problem at the beginning, but later on it becomes annoying.

After the container you go trough a series of tubes and exit to an inverted "S" pipe, the problem is that there's fire heating some parts of the tube, if your puddle stays to long over the heat it evaporates, if you go under a red line of puddle you need to the ending of the level, then it automatically stops and prompts you if you want to retry, skip or exit.

On my second try I managed to get almost all of the fluid passed the "s" pipe just to "die" a little bit later. I noticed the challenge might be good as it was hard. After several tries, I noticed it wasn't hard, it was unforgiving, the loading screens after each "death" weren't helping, I decided to skip level in order to mantain my sanity.

Next level loads up and I didn't last for more than 20 seconds. Granted that my skill on the game might make me a lousy player on this one, but another gamer friend of mine tried it and it resulted as frustrating for him as it was for me.

I recommend you to try the demo, in my experience this game lacked and incentive to play, a decent curve of learning the moves of the puddle and faster loading screens.