An easy game with thoughtful puzzles, lots of humour and a good story.

User Rating: 8.5 | Psychonauts XBOX
The first thing you see is yourself on top of a giant brain, you move your character on this brain to start a game, its a simple but fun idea and the fun ideas persist throughout the game. These fun ideas make the game so great, its full of wacky characters and crazier levels all with good humour! I don't know how long its been since I've found a game funny, its really nice to look forward to conversations because you know its going to be funny. Some crazy people think Final Fantasy has great story telling and character development. Psychonauts tramples all over "there" storys and manages to build connections with characters instantly, there's no anime voice over's in this game, its all done with good, real actors, the things they say are funny and real, there's no "People die when they are killed" one liners said by some spiky haired teenagers.

Anyway, moving away from the FF has bad acting, this game has its flaws, to begin with as its a platformer you'll fall off ledges once or twice, which is a little annoying because it can happen without good reason, although this has only happened on two occasions it does stick out as the game is so easy dying is very rare. The skills your character gets are mapped to 3 buttons meaning you have to go into a menu and manually switch them each time you want to use them.

The graphics are colourful and crazy with a very distinct cartoon look which doesn't need bloom effect or bump mapping to look good even now. Animations are great, sound is great, combat is pretty standard but its not a big part of the game. I find myself playing the game for its humour and story rather than fighting.

This game came out years ago but it stands tall amongst modern day games, buy it, its great!