One of the most original games of all time.

User Rating: 9 | Psychonauts XBOX
The Good:
Hilarious, The voice acting, Great replay value, Excellent gameplay, The ending, The writing, The jokes, The smirks you'll produce at Raz's one liners, The Milk Man (His milk is delicious!), Mr. Pokelope, Richard Horvitz does Raz's voice.

The Bad:
Frequently repeated lines, Can be very very frustrating, Boss battles are kind of hard, The Milk Man only has "30 seconds of fame"

The So-So:
Boss battles, Playing fetch to get required items, Little Oly.

The WTF?:
Rainbow Squirts and the Den Mother....You'll find out what I'm talking about.

Psychonauts is of rare breed in platformers, there are many great names in the ranks of platformers such as Mario that are addictive and loved by millions of people worldwide. Sadly for Psychonauts, it didn't sell too many copies but now that it's on Xbox 360's Backwards Compatibility, the fan base can now grow and the cult classic game will now grow in popularity.

Gameplay: While some of the gameplay is frustrating, the gameplay is what really makes the game what it is aside from the humor aspect. Getting through levels is a ton of fun, at least when Censors aren't around that is. The boss battles are always interesting and there is sometimes interesting ways to take them down. A good thing to note is whenever you're confused about what to do, you can contact Ford (the old guy) with a slice of bacon (no joke) and ask him what to do, then he'll tell you what to do, this proves to help a lot.

Graphics: Although the graphics are pretty much meant to look cartoon-like, there are a few rough edges that could have been smoothed out to look a little better. The level designs look really good looking and you can see some of the detail that went into it, that is at least when you're not doing something to stay alive. Each and every one of the characters are humorous looking in their own way and can spark a smirk.

Sound: The musical score is done really well, despite that it noticeably loops. The voice acting is really what makes the game shine, even though several of the characters are voiced by the same person it's rare that you might notice unless you looked at the credits. The main character, Razputin, is voice by Richard Horvitz, whose voice you may recognize as Zim from Invader Zim, Dagget from The Angry Beavers, or Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Value: The excellent gameplay and the humor of the game is what will keep you coming back. There's no reason to not play this game through several times to relive that humorous lines that the character's delivered.

Final Words:
Psychonauts is an excellent game all around, even though the gameplay can get supremely frustrating, it remains innovative in the aspects of humor and writing. Just remember, The Milk Man's milk is delicious.