Immersion, a great cast and highly artistic presentation makes Psychonauts shine above all other platformers.

User Rating: 9.5 | Psychonauts PC
It starts by throwing you right into a funky weird summer camp with a cast of blizzard characters and a funky war torn brain-scape.

And after your first session of basic braining you get introduced to the open world the game has to offer, it is not as large as other open world games(naturally since this is not an open world game) but it still has condensed content and offers the player lots of things to do and provides the player the means to travel quickly to avoid wasting times.

All in all, every brain-scape you visit is a work of art in its own, i have read things about how people imagine how brains look on the inside from a psychological point of view and this one pretty much matches it .... every single level is a treat to both play (and yes each one plays differently) and a joy to behold.

A must play for any fan of platformers or even games in general ... fans of Day of the Tentacle and Tim Burton will feel at home too ^_^