An extremely clever game -- exploring the human psyche has never been so entertaining.

User Rating: 9 | Psychonauts PC
A game with a 10 year-old, circus-born protagonist who explores the minds of sane and disturbed individuals alike, while collecting 'figments' and 'emotional baggage' along the way. Could the concept be any more clever? The storyline was relatively intriguing, and the platforming aspect of game play was average, but what really made this game a gem was the interpretation of the human psyche. Characters' hidden memories and deep-seated issues are illustrated in a sensory-delighting fashion, and one always feels a sense of satisfaction after helping each deranged person sort out their issues via defeating the "boss" in their mind.Do not be deceived by the cartoon-like graphics -- this is not a children's game. In fact, as I was playing, I often thought to myself, "Is this really rated T for Teen?" A child would surely enjoy the game, adults will pick up on what really makes this game amazing.