Unlock the many hidden secrets of the human mind.

User Rating: 10 | Psychonauts PS2
The Playstation 2 system has offers lots of games for it's many fans to enjoy as this game is one of those games as it's titled Psychonauts as this game was created by the legardary Tim Schafer who has also done great work in the past.
The story is about a young boy named Raz who has run away from his home which is the circus to go to Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp in the hopes of learning the ways of being a gifted person with psychic powers that his dad isn't happy about as he has explained to Raz that it was psychics that cursed his family to die in water but soon Raz puts all that on hold when the campers start disappearing that night along with the secret agents of the great Psychonauts group so now Raz must figure out what is going on while trying to master his new powers before his dad comes to get him to take him home the next day.
When going through this game you do the normal stuff that you always see in games like interesting characters to meet as there are alot of them in this game , fighting dangerous enemies and the ever so popular collecting items as there is alot of stuff to be collected in this game like psi cards for example but remember that the collect doesn't stop just only at the camp itself but also within the minds of the people you will meet as you must travel into the minds of different people in order to continue on your adventure.
As I mentioned before about the collecting stuff that a bit of it is important to do as you can increase your many psychic powers when you put together a Psi-Core Marker ( you need 7 psi cards and 1 psi core that is sold in the store ) or collecting the memory figments when exploring in the mind as Raz can learn many psychic powers that can be both helpful but dangerous at the same time like Telekinesis which is to move things with your mind , Invisibility which makes you disappear for a few seconds and Pyrokinesis as the name says it all as you can set things on fire but be careful with that one as if you not careful you could be the one that gets set on fire.
I really enjoyed playing through the game as it was done very well plus there was alot of funny moments that can appear at any time so if interesting in trying something new then give this game a looking into as it is worth playing.