A trip through the mind

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Don't get confused, Psychonauts is not only a game for kids. It's a game that tells you how it's like to be a child. yes it's full of happy pastel colour; yes you play as a ten year old lad. But it's time to forget all of the prejudice you have at the moment and take a closer look on a game that will make you pleased.

The Developer, Double Fine has one of the 90s most heroes among there employers: Tim Schafer. Schafer wrote the dialog to the first Monkey Island games, and created later some of the premier adventure games of all times and maybe games overall, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango.

It took about four years and two publishers but Psychonauts it's finally here. Psychonaut Razputin plays the main character in one of the 2005 most strange platform game, that's finally have found a Swedish publisher in Pan Vision. Behind the develop is Tim Schafer. The game graphic is a assortment between Pixar and a Tim Burton cartoon. This makes it fairly genuine, its' completely awesome. And the character design also have a genuine look and personality. In the games other half you will find you self inside other peoples minds.

You play as Razputin or Raz for short in this physical adventure. Raz is a young boy that is born and still berry some sort of extra ordinary mental gifts, ( strange spelling, isn' it? ) He lives on a circus with his family .
He had a hard growth, hes father forbid Raz to use his power, but raz couldn't stand it any longer and decided to run away and train and become a international physic secret agent. And there is why he is seeking for a more calm and peaceful place. A camp. He ends up at the Whispering Rock Physic Summer Camp, the home of several other psychonauts. Where variety and crazy challenge awaits. Here we do meet amongs other: Morceau Oleander: the head of the camp, that probably is some kind of war legend. Then we have Sasha Nein: a psychonaut with years of experience. The so beautiful Milla Vodello: she take good care of the kids. Lilli Zanotto: a smart cute girl who wants a peace of your heart. Dogen Boole: This kid is a bit slow but maybe your best friend. Bobby Zilch: Bobby is the camp bully and singles out Raz for particular abuse. And not last and definitely not least Ford Cruller: you cant realy tell what this character is up to. ( But if i do tell you it's not fun to explore it, right? ) he is everywhere around the camp at the same time in different dusguise. But i'm sure you will find out what he have hidden behind the his back.

But not everything is well on the camp though. one day something more strange happend. A crazy dentist called mr Loboto is planing a experiment by steeling all the people on camp brains, the situation just get worse and worse but in some way yours dont get caught. But if, it shouldn't be a adventure, right? In the middle of the chaos Raz have to find out who is stealing the brains. As Raz explore a variety of minds by placing a door on there head( or use the brain tumbler in Nein's lab )he is forced to get in through other minds, because peoples minds are started to disappear. Those kids who attempt to get there brain caught walks around the camp like zombies. But Raz will have assistant of agent Cruller. At this time the game is all that cosy and cute, but the game has more supprises up on. As Raz discover he have to deal with emotional baggage, and censors ( small people with costume and a big stamp. these little things are probably the minds police, watch out of them) amongst other things. Raz will even have to collect fragments of imagination in order to rise his PSI Cadet Rank. You will also be able to use your more stronger powers. As you procede through the game you will learn new powers like telekinesis and and pyrokinesi, that let you throw some sort of fire globes, raise and move enemies, see through peoples eyes and find out how other characters see you. for a example, a dog wil probably see you as a fire post, or a girl might see you as Romeo.

The levels is so variety that you probably play the game more then just once. During the game You will travel and discover inside peoples minds. each mind is decent total unique and will deliver a new type of play experience each time. Overal you running around, jumping swinging as such what cind of platform game. That is the cind of basic how the hole game plays.
In on scenario you will get into a huge board game with Napoleon where you have to help him move his gigantic borad game piece. later you will discover though a lungfish mind, where you transform to godzilla sized version of yourself. runnig around in the lungfishopolis, where smal lungfish citizens are screaming and running for there lives. At this time i where climbing on skyscrapers and crushing airplanes. a very entertaining moment. The Lungfish Resistance meet up and help you, on the way to defeat the evil king Lungfishopolis,Kochamara. but first you have to clean up the streets from tanks. As you proceed by making mayhem by waste the city to the grounds you will realise that this could be it's own game.You get your eyes on a big TV-screen that broadcasting a propaganda about you. "The evil Goggalor!" ( yes, Goggalor. that's you )

The first level are taking place inside the Vietnam veterans mind. The next on top is agent Nein which is a mind is fairly classify place, from the diffrence to agent Vodello and her 70s imaginations. And these minds are wery normal. And this get fairly obviously when i find my self inside a mutant lungfish that have swallow Lili, a Tim Burto inspired litle girl that could be your girlfiend, if she not were inside a fish for sure.

You have the summer camp that is enormous, where you can discover how mush you want, and that has full of secret bonus items and jokes.

well inside a mind you have a specific task, It first looks like some relative easy missions , as like get to a specific area, pick up a objects like frigments of imagination and so on. you can gather mental spiderweb, a crying briefcase. (emotional baggage) These object can be change out to a PSi-card, that gives you a access to new powers. You will also find some other secret objects ( like the bolts in Ratchet & Clank around the camp that you can use to buy stuff in the camps shop.

I started to see, wherever it lean when i discovered the hut where the kids were sleeping. Some of the kids were standing and speaking to each other, and there dialogs were tremendous entertaining. For the most it was child stuff they were talking about, things like only ten year old kids can take for real. But one guy were leaning against a wall, alone. I speak to him, and he explained that he was waiting for the girls to change clothes. he were attempt to spy on them through a hole in the wall. I happen to push the wrong button and suddenly he was stick at the wal with the head.

EC / E
I got a task to get inside agent Neins brain. One of your missions in the game was to unlock peoples forgotten minds, that represents a safe that are trying to escape from you. When you attempt to catch it and open it you will see the forgotten mind like a comic cartoon. From here have my rewards for forgotten mind mostly been humorous.
Now i could see a young Nein play with a rattle.br />
On the next one is his father and mother were looking worried on each other. The third one i saw were his father sitting next to the bed were his wife were laying, he seems to be scared. On the 4th one it was a funeral. The 5th one were showing Nein and his father, they niether laugh or talk to each other anymore. It was then i realized that this is not a game only for kids.

Psychonauts is a game that gives you something special. you cant sett the finger on it. It have passion, emotion, it's genuin, it's just amazing.
Not just that Psychonauts is tremendous beautiful game ( every level have it's own graphical style, and the character models is impossible detailed ) it's also so pioneer. The voice casting is top and the the dialogs is some well written. There is so mush to see and do to enjoy in this game. the replay value is also high, because there is always new details and jokes to discover. The Publishers were realy thinking about you when they were design this game. The results are outstanding. Make sure to give this one a chance. Every faithful gamer have to own it.