Psychonauts is the one of a kind platformer.

User Rating: 9 | Psychonauts PC
It's not easy to find a game as unique as this one, the human brain is a fun place to be. There are some sound bugs (the bugs are barely noticeable though).
The Good: Platforming done right, Runs fast on the computer, Cool characters and dialogue.
The Bad: Some sound bugs, isn't completely challenging.
Psychonauts is "the one of a kind platformer" with great characters and fun platforming. On my laptop which usually isn't good on gaming, this game runs fast on here. It isn't perfect but nothing is, there are a couple of bugs, and it isn't that challenging. Other than that this game is excellent! It should have been know as the best game of it's year! If you like humor than this game will be more good :P. So this game is highly recommended for people with a computer. Psychonauts ftw!