Managed to pick this up in the Humble Bundle Sale... Glad I did! This game was a blast and is totally worth playing!

User Rating: 8.5 | Psychonauts PC
This game was a nice surprise... Original, and fun to play! My only gripe is that the camera can get a little wonky from time to time... and the was a LITTLE unnecessary cursing... This is supposed to be a kids summer camp... I don't need to hear him say "thanks for letting me kick your %&$" when butt would have been MORE then acceptable. The cursing is minimal, and NOT a big deal, there are no F-Bombs or anything... but, it just seemed out of place... like the two or three times they curse in the movie "Rango" Totally unnecessary. (And, don't get me wrong... I am no goody two shoes or anything... there are times a curse word fit's... but in this game, they were not needed and seemed out of place.)

Outside of these SMALL issues, and they are small, this game was a total blast that my kids and I enjoyed playing together. Well worth checking out (especially if you find it for $10 or less.)