Psychonauts goes beyond the regular realm of video games to prove a very important fact: heart out weighs gameplay.

User Rating: 10 | Psychonauts XBOX
Although the game play is still great, Psychonauts creates something most games do, but not to this level. It is my personal opinion that this game goes beyond to create a truly cinematic experience and it shows Tim Schafer's true genius. The gamer comes to love the characters, the weird world, and the story, and once it's all over you're left wanting more.

It's been a few years since I've played this game and I no longer own it, but I have re-ordered it. I've done this because it's replay value (I've beaten it 3 times) is insanely high because of the characters. You don't want to leave Raz let alone the huge support cast of equally well developed characters. The cut scenes are not like in other games where you just want to skip over, they are pieces of the story, obviously, but go beyond to make this the piece of art it is.

Game play wise it's a pretty simple game, with interesting, and sometimes tough puzzles, easy to learn controls, and memorable boss fights. You will learn moves that are fun and useful all in their own way.

As I've aforementioned this game is a piece of art and is the first game that I've seen that can be viewed as just that: a truly artistic experience that's well thought out and executed. You unlock a world of oddity that's beautiful and unique just like this game.

I recommend this to people who love film, literature, art, tv, video games, people who think, who live, who breathe. I recommend this game to EVERYONE!