A very under-appreciated platformer, Psychonauts delivers on every front.

User Rating: 9.1 | Psychonauts XBOX
Remember summer camp? Getting up early, counselors pushing you to do things you didn't wanna do, coping with annoying kids, catching pneumonia... all the time thinking "Man, I wish summer camp was cool". Well, tough luck. But there is a game that shows you what a cool summer camp would be like... if we lived in Tim Schafer's mind!

Psychonauts is a marvelous game on every front. The incredible cast of characters is lead by hero Razputin (Raz, for short). Raz has only one day to prove to the counselors that he can be a Psychonaut, a kind of brainy undercover super-agent. But when kids start disappearing and funny things start happening, Raz will be in for the ride of a lifetime.

Aside from the goggle-wearing hero, you'll encounter some very funny and strange characters in the game. From the counselors (Boyd "The Milkman" being my favorite) to the other kids at the camp, every character has his or her own charm and personality, which makes them endearing and fun to watch and discover.

If you see me use the words "fun" or "funny" often in this review, it's because that's what makes this game tic. I just laughed my socks off at certain times. The dialogue is well written and very witty, with plenty of double-meaning, that will make you smile. The voice acting is superb, no character seems dull. The music is full of life and very quirky.

The Tim Burton-esque design of the game is remarkable, giving it a certain charm that makes it stand out from other platformers. Some might say that the game doesn't shine graphically, but I disagree. This game is a work of art on a CD.

The gameplay is pretty easy to grasp and get into. Many of the mind powers that Raz inherits are funny and just add to the overall charm of the game. You'll get the usual stuff to do, like any other platformer, don't be surprised, but Psychonauts will throw you a curve ball or two in that direction.

Psychonauts' main story is very short (took me about 12 hours to complete) and that may be one of it's downfalls. Of course, if you decide to complete the game at 100% you'll get more psycho-bang for your buck. The replay value of the game is null though, so you'd better get a lot of scavenger hunting done for it to last a little longer.

All in all, Psychonauts is an incredible game. It's just too bad that it was snubbed by the public (myself included) until just recently. But, alas, the way things are going for Majesco, it might be too late to save the company and get a sequel in the works...