A work of art! A really Messed Up art!

User Rating: 7 | Psychonauts PC
Just finished this game and I am happy I am through with it. This game is very creative yet has serious attitude issues. It seems that while it is full of great game play it is as full of sh*t!

The greatest issue here is that this game has really cute and fun parts intervened with brutally ugly pieces. The game setting may look like a lovely place in some areas and then is nothing but the ugliest "Minds of Misfits, Monsters, and Madmen" (quote taken from the game description on Steam). Areas such as the main camp (open world area) and a couple of mind adventures are a joy to be in but then the perverted designers throw at you something like "this nice person had all their 6 children burned alive in a fire!". Are you supposed to laugh here? Enjoy the experience? What's the point? If I want a bloody mess I would go buy myself Manhunt, and this game really seems to come from the same shelf.

The game play and the idea deserve a 9/10. This game looses a point for the setting that really tries its best to make you puke and finally it loses another point for all the annoyances of "smart" camera and especially the acrobatics part in the last level where I had to replay the same spot about 50 times while fighting with crazy camera/controls and generally not having idea where do I need to get in a setting where slightest mistake means you die.

A special mention goes for the technical part – the game did not have any mayor technical issues and it is a joy to see the game from 2004 that perfectly supports Steam achievements and widescreen high resolution graphics. Combined with the cartoon art style this game is practically time-less and looks as good as if it would be released today or tomorrow.

Well done Double Fine the meat acrobatics piece completely got me pissed off at your game and made sure that I will not buy any possible sequels from your studio.

Finally I can only recommend this game for people who enjoy ugly and dirty mess. You will have tons of it while enjoying the otherwise sweet game play. It is not a horror game but it has all the props. And for Gods sake - keep this thing away from children.