One of the greatest games to date.

User Rating: 10 | Psychonauts XBOX
Buy this game now if u already haven't. But if u need a reason or if u just want to read my opinion on psychonauts here it is.

The Psychonauts story is original. It's about a kid named Razputin who goes to a psychic training camp and learns of a secret plot to steal brains and take over the world. Because Raz's dad doesnt like psychics Raz is only there for a day. Since Raz only goes 4 a day the game can b a little short but it's not really a problem. The voices r well done and the game is hilarious. Comedy is usually not done too well in video games but Shafer pulled in off well. The graphics r great. Kind of trippy and weird, but in a good way. The gameplay rocks! Even though Raz is only at camp for a day he gets all kinds of psychic powers: pyrokinesis, telekinesis, invisibility, marksmanship(psychic blast), levitation, shield, clairvoiyance, and confusion. Using these powers in conjunction with the levels is, simply put, good gaming. Most of the levels in psychonauts take place inside people's minds which is one of the coolest parts.

Overall this game is a must buy and a must have. So if u dont have it buy it.