How is psychonauts so awesome on xbox & pc... Yet terrible on a ps2?

User Rating: 2 | Psychonauts PS2

(What... But Psychonauts is an amazing game at da start of game you go around, explore peoples minds, fight baddies, solve puzzles, beat da bosses, do da collect-a-thon, etc. It's so easy you don't even need a guide how can u hate this one da most?)

Yeah it is amazing on Xbox & Pc. PS2 VERSION IS A WHOLE ANOTHER STORY!!! The framerate is awful, the graphics are awful, the controls are sluggish, cut-scenes are unfinished, long-load times, game glitches & worst of all likes to crash the game alot! Such an unfinished version. & even the ps4 version is no good ether just stay away from them. I heard the xbox & pc are better & finished. So if your gonna play Psychonauts do yourself a favor & avoid the ps2 version.