Games get fat and ugly with time

User Rating: 6 | Psychonauts PC
That ice-cream truck ice-cream was never that good but you ate it anyways because everything you were into was good when you were a kid. Days before there were game review scores, you just had to play everything like a champ and sift out the junk on your own. Sure, lot of money went down the shoots but hopefully your virginity as well. Even a show like Hey Arnold on Nickelodeon was a great way to pass the time. But those days are long over for me, as well as the days for Pyschonauts.

The humor is giggly in a not funny way, the controls giggle like your on the moon and the graphics gigglish overcoat make the world swell with benign toots. You'll hop you way around the cute world like a bunny dressed in an air-force paratrooper's uniform from WW2 looking for random things to collect. It's an open world but then again so was my fly from yesterday's 6-month appraisal speech.

So i'll just go ahead and write this game off as a time sinker. Probably hott and sexy around opening night but 7 years later it plays like a marshmallow after a minute in the microwave.

I've always been a pen guy.