You're Making A Mistake By Not Playing This

User Rating: 10 | Psychonauts XBOX
I first played this game when I was seven, about ten years ago. At the time that it had come out it wasn't popular, not really, but I was quite taken with it. Even now it's my favorite game of all time. I've heard some people call this a crude game with "horror scenes" in it, but there's a warning right on the box, telling of the madness inside. The game starts off with a small introduction delivered by Coach Oleander and after a moment or so we're introduced to our main character, Rasputin Aquato. From right off the bat the game has a darker feel, the mood heavy. The characters are all fleshed out, all of them having their own personalities that are each distinct from one another. The scenes of the games switch from happy and cheerful to dark and only slightly disturbing, back and forth smoothly. The first half takes place in the campgrounds of Whispering Rock and the minds of the instructors while the second half is in the minds of the insane inmates at the Asylum. From the very beginning the game has you gripped and your mind has you pushing to find every figment, every secret, every vault and cobweb, to help each of these people out of tgeir insanities so that in the end you can save the world. Yes, some parts are difficult, but it's not really supposed to be an easy game. But besides that, the only way to experience the game is to play it and see how awesome it is for yourself.