Absolutely utterly brilliant!

User Rating: 10 | Psychonauts PC
I have no idea why this game isn't more popular. I have completed it 7 times and still it feels fresh and addicting, not many games can do this. All the characters are unique and well written and the story is funny and interesting. The main character Raz is instantly likable and you'll want to reveal his backstory. There are two main hubs in the game: the summer camp, which is divided into sections like the Kids' Cabins and the Main Campgrounds, and the abandoned insane asylum (which you will discover later on in the game). Levels take place inside the minds of character with mental problems, and are stunningly creative. There's not a thing I would like to change in this game. If you haven't tried it yet do yourself a favor and DO IT.
PS. As a wise man once said: "Stop everything and make Psychonauts 2!" I know that it would cost A LOT to make a sequel but Kickstarter has been invented. You have nothing to lose :)