Overstayed Welcome or... "Whew! FINALLY Done With This One!"

User Rating: 7.5 | Prototype PC
First let me say that I played the game on an Alienware PC that had more than enough horsepower to play the game smoothly. I cannot begin to tell you how hectic many of the battles later in the game can get. Having the muscle in your PC really does come in handy for those moments.

My run, dodge and jump game skills improved dramatically throughout the game. When you get over the GEE WHIZ novelty of ultimate free running (parcours) and being virtually limitless in your run/leap/jump capabilities, the game settles down into a semi-monotonous FPS/combat game with an engaging storyline. As far as being a likable storyline, I dread games that resort to the cliché of "evil government," "evil military conspiracy." Had I known this was going to be Alex's Mercer's foil, around which the game revolves, I likely would have passed up the game. Mandatory killing of tens of thousands of civilians and military servicemen trying to do their duty is not a game that I'd have gravitated to either. Nonetheless, I wasn't aware of these sour faults until I was already hooked into the game.

As classic RPGs and FPSes go, this game follows the classic formula of build up your capabilities, stamina and strength until you've met the prerequisite ass-kicking capacity to have a chance of killing the foozle at the end of the game. There are many, many different combat techniques you'll learn, most center around your personal capacity for mass destruction but some venues involve hijacking military vehicles and weapons to lay the smack down with steel and "boom technology." After a while, I preferred the latter option because I just could not remember all the key combinations for the various physical attacks available. I'm convinced that most of the younger generation will love the wide variety of attacks available, in spite of the higher onboard memory requirements for human players.

The game played without needing a patch and I noticed no groan-worthy glitches in the game. Toward the end, I was so happy just to finish this game and move on. It had become repetitive/tedious and so I skipped many, many "buff-up" contest events (present all through the game) just to get the game over with. I finally did beat the foozle with a combination of thrown objects, "boom technology," and finally the physical attack with a blade that would make Crocodile Dundee wet his pants with joy.