Good game, with a few faults but ultimately is fun to play and has some cool additives.

User Rating: 7.5 | Prototype PC
This is probably the first game to have a fun "outbreak" of a virus in a major populated city that isn't all about killing the infected as it is to also kill the military there to enforce safety and capturing your character. From the start of the game you are put into the role of a mysterious man who just escaped from a military facility that was performing a series of test with a virus. Soon after one of the other experiments breaks out as well and suddenly the city of Manhattan is being ravaged by a virus that turns people into mindless zombie like creatures. The moves are interesting enough that you can in a way fly a good ways from rooftops or even jump along on the street. Fighting is cool but in some ways it can also be a pain to even try and target or kill everyone in the area because so many troops, civilians, and infected fill the city 24/7. Although, the creators included many types of combat moves and abilities that can really help in the killing off of enemies such as lifting and throwing cars, doing super power attacks like shooting spikes up form the ground killing the surrounding npc's. Stay in a scene too long and not killing the soldier with the red logo over his head will call in a strike team which are fast and hit hard. Vehicles are included that can be driven such as tanks, armored cars, and helicopters. Each with its own set of weapons either missiles or powerful turrets and machine guns. The scenery is basic and includes different height buildings and even a version of central park, and in the infected parts of the city has a bunch of red coating on the ground and walls of everything. Unfortunately this games story for me does not complete my wanting for a game that is exactly like this one but minus your characters special powers and just being able to kill zombies in NYC! The story is fun and makes sense of what would actually happen in a situation like the one is being described and of course the nuke-the-city part is always an option. A clever rewards system is included with ways to improve and gain new powers and taking the role of another NPC by consumption of it. Special land marks are hidden all over the city, on rooftops and under trees and bridges, and I guarantee you will find at least 50 of them on rooftops within the first hour of jumping around up there. Overall I would recommend this game and buy an expansion DLC and the Prototype 2.