Action game of the year!!!

User Rating: 10 | Prototype PC
First time install. Another boring, overrated, greatly awaited and fast uninstalled game.......but. There is a but, and surprisingly i found myself in front of the pc, still playing the game after 4 hours, no food, no drink, not even a piss-break. Activision outdone themselves. A dynamic, fast-paced action game with intriguing storyline, great graphics, never-ending fights, unique just can't feel bored when playing the game.
If you like hack'n slash, 3'd person shooters, mystery, horror, action adventure games, this is one you cannot miss. Sometimes i load the game just for the pleasure of jumping from building to building and land with devastating moves.
Takes time to learn all the key combinations but you have lots of places and missions to practice.
Were just half way of the year and there are many contenders of this genre but i can say with confidence, this one will be one of 2009's top rated games.
A big 10 for Activision and for the guys from Radical, and thanks.