Fun, mix between crackdown and assasins creed

User Rating: 8 | Prototype X360
Some people are in love with the game, while some say don't buy it just rent it. I liked it alot, because as much as I love crackdown this feeds that addiction to own everyone with your powers. Now in this case is doesn't happen to be super-human powers, but the same idea in some cases. The most fun for me in this was the leap they took with this. Don't base the game after the first level, because even though it is fun, you can't change weapons. After the first mission you find yourself 18 days earlier with limited powers. Such as jumping and punching like something off of Crackdown. As this sandbox game keeps on moving if you choose to do the story the city gets more infected, and in turn the real fun starts then. The detail they put into the game it truely seen here. With Alex jumping automaticly and people running being killed by tanks. There is so much chaos it's hard to fathum. The game does have its moments where you want to break it. Such as the targeting system is glitchy, and say you try to target a tank infront of you. Your guy ends up targeting a helocopter way behind you, and trying to correct this you end up dying from endless barages or rockets. Not only this but on normal mode the game gets SUPER annoying. It seems everytime the military attacks you, you die. So me personally, I restarted the game on easy and got much further than time i wasted on normal. I'm not sure if it's worth buying, but for some it is worth it. It's right there on the border, BUT this is a game worth your time to play. Even after the campaign the city is still in chaos and plenty of events to do. I give it a 9 out of 10.

XBL- Monza 1966