Could have used a few more months of polishing.

User Rating: 7.5 | Prototype PS3
I can't say the game is a bad game at all. I'm having plenty of fun with it as I type this, but there are definatly some gripes with it.

The first issue with this game is the visuals. Graphics don't make a game, that's for sure. But the character models, especially in cutscenes, are way in the past. The textures on their faces, mouth movements, shadowing, animation all feel end of PS2 generation. I know this game has plenty of scale and that's probably a reason behind it, but it's pretty bad. We're a couple years into this generation and the games over all textures are alright at best. You don't notice as much as long as yer running/jumping/gliding. Speaking of jumping. Is it really nessecary to have me LEAP over a curb or a park bench or a rock? It is? Ok. I never realized you had to have a stylized action for the most trivial of things.

The city itself feels lifeless. I think I could have dealt with less people and cars on the streets in favor of NPC interactions, better vechicle AI (and more cars), and better textures. GTA4, AC, and InFamous all feel organic. Why couldn't they take the time to program some conversations on the streets? Or see people not JUST WALKING. I know the city is in a ****storm but you could expect some type of socializing going on.

And then there is the AI. So, who cares if you just jumped off of a huge ass skyscraper disguised as a CO, landed infront of armored vechicles, leapt over the military base walls and destroyed the ground below you as you landed both times? all the enemy AI does is go, "Let's check it out!" and runs past you finding nothing suspicious. Really? I just fell 180 stories RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU and my "suspicion" meter doesn't even go up? Oh, for **** sake.

That may not seem like an issue, but it's ridiculous. The game makes more powerful than the Gods themselves which is a bit much. I'd like a challenge. I like being able to dismember 100+ soldiers and infected in 2 mins, but to constantly have no real challenge is a bit... meh. The powers themselves are fun as all hell and I love being able to scale building and whatnot like Spider-Man, glide like Batman, and crush things like the Hulk. But I shouldn't been a God right off the bat. But a big issue for me is, why don't civilian casualites could for nothing? For the first 2-3 hours I tried to maintain minimum casualities. I had maybe 6 total. But when I played a side mission and killed 117 on accident (lol) and recieved no penalty... I just scratched my head. I'd like there to be some type of moral consequence for some of your actions in this game.

The cutscenes usually last about 20sec (some sarcasm) and offer you nothing. Even GTA cutscenes get you involved. This? "Hey, go do this." "Ok." And yer off! Weee! The web of intrigue is fun. I enjoy hunting people down to read their thoughts. If I could do it in reality, there would be a hell of a lot less people in this world that's for sure.

The overall game IS fun. I love the freedom, I love the death (even if the gore is ment to cover up horrid textures). I just wish they woulda looked at it and went, "Well, let's wait till the end of summer. Or maybe Christmas. Let's squeeze all the potential outta it." instead of, "Money time!" Oh... wait... that's how the game industry rolls these days.