After a crazy fight, you "accidentally" cut a person, then another one, then starts a chaotic fight again. :D

User Rating: 9 | Prototype X360
Big map, but not one of the bigger ones. (I like huge maps) but this is a very good map.
Smooth and precise fight commands, and not difficult combos, amazing powers, and crazy fights. Great variety of events, and not short campaign. Great game-play an awesome movements, big variety of upgrades. Fun going to make disaster or stealth, great story and rich, vehicles are fun. Some bad visuals, not repetitive (sometimes maybe but changes and add things alongside the entire game), still fun after finish the campaign. Can be played in almost all players styles. Bloody and intense. Very addictive. Some animation bugs. This is a great game, I really like it, and almost everybody have to like it :D However, if you're not very fan of this kind of games, if you read this can be a little disapointing!