[Prototype 2] (Story Line of why Alex Mercer is now the enemy in [Prototype 2])

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Just so you are wondering, "Why is Alex Mercer have to be the enemy after he just became a hero in the first [Prototype]?" Well here's why: I saw in the trailer, He was a soldier in the army, Which gave Alex the idea to stab him, But the result didn't end up in killing him. This "Mutation" passed from Alex Mercer to James Heller, Which made James, The second [Prototype]. When he came home he either found his wife infected by Alex, Or Alex was disguised and killed her before he got home. The story is basically that James Heller wants revenge for his wife and what Alex did to James, Killing him was the only way. That's the reason why Alex is now an enemy in [Prototype 2]. Hope i helped, Thank you for the time reading, Comment if you have anymore questions about James Heller. I can't wait to get this on Steam and Xbox. -General Greed