When are you done with the game? spoiler alert

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I have a few missions that I hate and keep trying them but they irritate me - race against time stupid stuff. But I already consumed Alex and got his daughter to Dana. I'm doing some 30 second tracking mission that I really suck at. Too many things to get in too short of time for my skill with making Heller move. And I think there's at least another sequence after this if not two. Then I have some other mission I think. Maybe two. But I killed alex and saved the daughter.... so do I have to do these last missions I don't like? Is there some finale to it all beyond this?

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If you saved the daughter that means you beat the main story and the rest is optional so you can realy just skip it and do a newgame + or gest go to fight a lot of people to finish leveling. the blacknet stuff is purly opptional.