The new Excessive Force pack is a huge disappointment

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Well, atleast for me. They totally missed the potential of this pack. Here are some of my thoughts about this DLC: The Viral Infector Grenade Launcher: totally missed opportunity. You just turn humans into infected zombies. I would have preferred if you turned normal civilians in Evolved, and Blackwatch into Super Soldiers. The Shockwave: the power that works best in this pack. I like that you do this ground slam just when you jump, instead of when you land. If you want a slam when you land, there are Hammerfists for that. It gets very cool if you combine this power with the Gravity Field power from the Mayhem DLC. Armor: it's a damn skin. A good one, but still a skin. You don't really need an armor in this game, since it's so easy even on Insane difficulty. But i kinda expected it... Medusa's Wrath: what is this thing doing in this game. Why. How. This power is EXTREMELY out of place in here. You basically shoot a green one-hit-kill laser when you target somebody. Makes the game super boring and easy, and isn't fun at all. If you are wondering, yes, i does work on Mercer too. Chaos Creator mode: this basically turns roads into sidewalks. Nothing much else. So, yeah. It's only 5 bucks, but a very big disappointment for me. This was my opinion, i'd like to know what you guys think about this DLC.