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I will start off with the Prototype 2 DLC Ideas 1. More Missions/Blacknet Missions 2. More moves for powers(Ground Spike from Prototype with the claws 3. More devastators 4. Dual Whipfists, Blades 5. Able to have two powers active at once, meaning you can have Claw and blade using X, when you press Y it swithes to Whipfist and Tendrils 6. Coop Play These should be DLC Radical should be making. Here is what I think what Prototype 3 will be about. First off, if they make a 3rd Prototype, it should be called Prototype: EVOLVED. Because Spoiler The Whitelight probably wasn't completely wiped out and Mercer will more than likely take control of Heller's body. Also, I think Dana is an evolved. Also, the Child that evolved could be the player. Now the Prototype 2 Multiplayer. I want this because I beat the Story in 2 days, which I hate myself for doing that. These ideas can actually make a successful and fun multiplayer. Here are the details. 1. Players will be able to level up like they do in Story. When they level up, they will have unlocked new powers, Skills, Abilities, and Mutations. 2. Mutations will act as perks, being able to use 1 mutation in each category, as you level up, you will unlock more mutation slots having up to 3 mutations per category. 3. Game modes would be team based, why? Each team will have a leader, Alex Mercer or James Heller. Players will be the evolved like from the story. 4. Each player will start off with the Claw Power. 5. Maps will be determined by the area of the zone they are in(Midtown part of the red zone for example) 6. There will be moving enviroment, such as Civilians, infected, Brawlers, Juggernauts, and Goliath's. 7. Here are a few game modes I came up with. Team Evolved- Each team will compete to reach the top score by killing each other within a limited time Consume- Players will compete against each other by consuming a number of civilians, players, or infected. The bigger the target, the more points you get. Goliath Assault- One team must kill the opposing teams Goliath. Rounds will vary which team has the Goliath. Team Hunter- Each team will have 1 life and find and kill each other. Rounds included Why did this get deleted? I just want feedback.
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I agree with all that was said above. But if i might add something, they should make an update for prototype 2 that add's juggernauts and goliaths into red zone free roaming, like there should always be 1 goliath somewhere in red zone fighting blackwatch, and juggernauts because they're just fun to fight with, and there should be a little more brawlers in free roaming, they are pretty common but not common enough. And in some rare occasion a goliath should spawn in the greenzone. Also there should be military bases like in prototype 1 that lets u go into it and its full of soldiers and blackwatch. Also, leader of the pack update, juggernaut pack (but i think thats going to be added in the Excessive force dlc) That all would improve free roaming after u finished the game, without all that (and the way it is now) free roaming is very boring after u finished the game.
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The way I see it, multiplayer should have a free-roaming mode, where all of your stats transfer over into your online avatar, which is a parts-customizable character, then you get sent into a big open world with other people where you can team up to wreck stuff or team up with blackwatch to take them down or just beat each-other to a bloody pulp, and when you die you respawn in some random area. Like the GTA multi-player but with superpowers.

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I totally agree with everything said so far, but don't forget the games lack of trophies/achievements, I got all of them within a day, and I rarely get the platinums. A patch with more trophies/achievements would be nice, a trophy/achievement for completing the game on insane mode, without using new game+ would be good
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yeah i agree about the idea but for somereason im thinking what u said about mercer was true or well remember in prototype 1 mercer turned into goo and reformed so what if he was consumed by heller but he still has some dna left of him on the ground and it will bring him back to life also im doing a cosplay for alex mercer and i have a jacket i paid $300 for it it is the exact design of alexs jacket i have the claws but does anyone know the shoes jeans and mid shirt and hoodie he wears like what type and where can i find something similar
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Love the Goliath Assault idea!!

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I think that thay should add more level ups. Like make it so yo can get powers (claws for example) up to level 9 all across the bord, let heller evolve more like add an evolution to strengthin the tanks, hellocopters, and add more ammo to all guns (including things you rip off tanks), also an upgraded thermoberic bomstick that fires 6 shots at once and rapid fires like the missle pod.

+ the thngs I read you say cuz tay cool.

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In prototype 3 we should be able to infected people like alex mercer did in prototype 2 that would be cool. the'll help us but the'll run away and the'll come back in five days and try to kill you
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I gust thought of this but in prototype 3 thay should add 3 new virises that are mutations of blacklight.

Here are my ideas.

Redlight, a version of the viris that makes monsters like the breeeder that continualy spawn more enimies untell killedbut can move unlike the pustules, and the babies that the breeders send after you. Once the babies grow up the femailes turn into breeders or succubi and the mailes ether become gaurdfathers or rapers. the names of theese are self explanitory.

Greenlight, a version of the viris that makes the plants turn intomonsters like evil treethat produce frut that tern people into gardeners a monster that feeds the tree human blood to sustain it as the evi tees mindless slaves, the tree will also send out spores tht make people cum to eat the frut. greenlight will also make the seductive flower a monster that looks like an extreamly sexy woman on a giant flower that has a disorienting sent that makes people unable to think strait and then eats the people that come neer. more extream is the bad flower garden that looks like 4 - 6 seductive flowers around a qweenlike version, all the flowers must die together to kill this beast.

Bluelight, a version of the viris that infects people and fusses the bodie with macanical parts that also get infected making the gatler that has gatling guns for arms or Ms. TOW that has a tow lancher on each sholder not to menchan infecting vehicas directly to make monsters that have no killable flesh and must be destroid with emp weapons or consumed later in the game.

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I agree with most of you're saying. But your Multiplayer idea is just wrong, IMO. We currently have many Skins for Heller, right? So here's my idea. The Multiplayer in Prototype 2 will be a free-roam side-missions-only experience for multiple people. They can either have fun together, or fight just for the heck of it. Basically, a Co-op sandbox. You want a competitive multiplayer? Hell no! There are other games for that. But there aren't games that let you pick up a car and throw it at your friend.
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I don't know about you guys, but would I would put his a coop mode were you get to select a civilian skin. You will start of with only the "machete" claws like the evolved under Mercer but through leveling up, obtain new powers and abilities. Also, I would put it so your not absolutely invincible even though its fun :D. Like, for beating up hunter or something of the sort, have a cinematic were both players have to repeatedly press the attack buttons but one his repeatedly beading the hunter while the other consumes. Also, for hijacking tanks or helicopters, if only one evolved his hijacking, it will take longer then if lets say two evolves were hijacking it (obviously this means the weapons in the tank and helicopters will have to be divided example one drives the other shoots). With these elements in the game, team work will be more essential then normally. I would also divide up the powers. Because your not as strong as Mercer or Heller, we should not have access to ALL the powers at once, but as you progress have the abilities to switch in a customization menu and have only 3 powers we can use at once. This way, the two players can split the powers strategically and make the game more challenging. Also (yes I know I talk a lot :D) instead of dying you become "down" in which you are a "puddle" of infection and your partner will have to bring a human to the puddle for it to consume it and come back to life. This is a bit what happened in the first prototype were Alex Mercer consumed the crow to regain energy to reform himself. And lastly, bring back the muscle mass! It was the funniest power ever! :D
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I love the idea of alex coming back and it being multiplayer but alex should be good in P3 and more hunter types and heller should die
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I don't know about Heller dying. He's already finished his story by finding Maya. I doubt that he would go back to face them knowing she'll be in danger. So to be honest I don't even think Heller will in the main plot line. He may be a contact, sort of like Dayna, but I think that would be it.
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My multiplayer idea is: A clan game you may choose only one class but you can change it again these classes are: Power specialist Guardian Pack leader Predator Spreader you can also intiate a clan war a war between 2+ clans the leaders can give orders to its clan members the war can be started once the leader has choosen the zone(ex. red zone) while in war mode you will see dozens of enemies roaming around ex.blackwatch, super soldiers, brawlers, juggernauts, hydras, flyers and goliaths to win the war mode the player must kill the enemy clan leader
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for the prototype 3 I would like more destruction, the buildings and bridges can be destroyed and of course also a multiplayer mode where you have to kill your friends, missions with more action like that of a climb a building, avoiding falling objects the same as rocks or downed helicopters, super soldiers that have the same skills that the character and make life miserable for the prototype 2 was all very easy, more variety of vehicles such as airplanes or motorcycles, more weapons such as rare weapons snipers or government, a skill that can infect anyone who wants to serve you whether an infection, a civilian or a soldier to kill his fellow soldiers are aware that for the prototype 2 if you bolando or running down the walls of the soldiers who were doing nothing, that does not develop in a city, for example, have to travel from New York to Washington and Venezuela, a devastating more powerful, more combinations of hits like Hulk : Ultimate Destruction, the attacks are stronger, a more dramatic story and thriller in his last fight to fill the city as a battlefield
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I think that prototype 3 story will start with alex get back to life and start creating a new army and maya will be the char u play with and heller will make an army too and u will be between both sides that would be cool like the world of the war and i hope it the game add the skills u said about like infect people to help u.
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I think that prototype 3 story will start with alex get back to life and start creating a new army and maya will be the char u play with and heller will make an army too and u will be between both sides that would be cool like the world of the war and i hope it the game add the skills u said about like infect people to help u.
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I love this idea but I think that there should be a free roam where you stay on one zone but don't no where anyone is unless you see them or are friends with them via psn or Xbox but everything you out on there is exactly what I've been thinking especially for the multiplayer I hope that they come out with more content soon because they haven't made anything since may or so