Prototype 2 = massive disappointment for me

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Even though I didn't even play the game, when I saw the news that Alex mercer is your enemy, and your likely to kill him, I just shut down the game. Seriously, I stuck with Alex during everything in Prototype 1. I liked everything about him. His voice, style, everything. And then in this game they made him fatter for some reason (mostly in his armored forum) have orange eyes for no reason, the Virus infection that grew on him was more orange then black, and the black really matched him. What made it worse was that it didn't sound anything like the Alex I knew. If Radical gaming just made Alex mercer the main character, didn't change up his character model that much, and his voice, it would of been a great game and we could of been all looking forward to prototype 3. Imagine if a new game you liked a lot was released and then the character you played as has different morals, voice, and even look. That's horrible for a game, as it breaks the bond you made with the character in the previous games as weird as that sounds. I've been up a long time, just writing this because it makes me sad because I remember when Prototype 1 came out, and I was like "HOLY **** this game looks so cool, and the character looks so cool too!". But now we just got some angry military guy. Boring... Listened to this while typing this My youtube = 2675 elo League of legends player out T__T.
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i like playing with the superpowers as an average looking guy by far than this new guy as far as appearance, but Alex Mercer had the personality of a cardboard cut out. changing his character motives etc is silly and a huge risk that might piss people off, but I'm guessing you don't even know to what extent it's done since you haven't even played it yet. you really don't think they could build a decent story around playing as someone else with the motivation to kill Mercer, and have a logical reason for it? all of that's still not a dealbreaker for a lot of people who are playing this because they had fun with part 1's gameplay, if this one is similar or better. that's cool if all that turns you off of the game completely, but it's highly unlikely the "we" you're talking about is an overwhelming amount of people willing to write the game off even though they don't know how the plot plays out and actually experienced the new gameplay. the game did well on console(too early to tell for PC maybe), I don't see why anyone would not be looking forward to a sequel. it might not be the best measure but i don't see much resentment on these forums for the changes in part 2.
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No playthrough = no cred/fail.

It's an awesome game. Massively improved over the first. Mercer made a great villian and Heller is a badass. I only wished it was longer.

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You're missing out. Mercer makes a great villain and Heller is indeed a badass.

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I'm about halfway through it. The gameplay is as fun as it was in the 1st one and there are some improvements (not big ones though). It's nice that some movement powers are available right away such as multiple airdashes & gliding, throwing, run & grabs etc. I like the lair missions too. The game is less challenging than the 1st one. I've only leveled up my health once to keep it a little challenging. Maybe it'll get tougher later on.

I agree with the OP. It's lame that they made Mercer into the enemy. I thought he was a decent hero & Barry Pepper (the sniper in Saving Private Ryan) did a good job, methinks. I find myself caring less about the story in Prototype 2. I feel like I'm aimlessly running around and smashing things. The story in the 1st game wasn't amazing or anything but I think it was better.

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My personal thoughts on this topic. I will say that if you play part 1 you notice that there is a team after you to kill you as alex and then when you start playing part 2 I guess I can say that its like you are playing on the other team and then you get infected by alex. The game storyline and game it self is dumbed down I will admit that but in away the two go hand in hand. I did enjoy the game play and missions and I had fun with it but my real disappointment and let down is that it did have some issues in preforming correctly. Memory leaks and such. I must agree on the other two that said the same thing. If you have not played through this game then you cant really say if it sucks or not. Play it and then decide if you want to bash it. Just because you are not alex and just because you are out to kill him does not mean the game sucks. Give it a try first.

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So they messed it up. Just as expected.

That is what you get when you turn heroes into villains in the second part of a planned trilogy.:evil:

They swithced to Sgt. James Whiner, and the whole studio came crashing down along with the game. Staff layed off or supporting other games in development. We obviously won't have a Prototype 3. Should have kept Alex as the anti-hero.

Thank you Radical for destroying such an awesome game with such a high potential of being one hell of a trilogy. :( :x