prototype 2 colossal mayhem dlc code not working

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ok i doubt im the only person with this problem but idk if its up on xbox but its not working on ps3 and its not in the store on psn i preordered my dlc entered the code 100% correctly and it says non valid code i don't know if this is more xbox favortism **** or not but all a iwant to know is if its working for anyone on ps3 heres some info idk if this helps date: may 8th 2012 time: 12:43 pm console; ps3 radnet:yes blackwatch edition: no
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yeah i know i dont know why the code wont work either i bought it at the store and the code wont work
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yeah i think it has to do with favortism towards microsoft or something but i preordered my dlc on april 29th andi try to enter it on the 18th at 11 am and it says code not working its passed the pending stage and on my poweruprewards digital library i have the code it doesnt work also do you have steam
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I live n Australia and have prototype on Xbox and it won't work even though it's now the 9th of may do I your in australia that would be your problem
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Hi I received my code in my Gamestop Powerup Acct. And then I proceeded forth to redeem it on psn and my code was accepted. I downloaded it without any problems. Date: May 8th 2012 Time: 8:35pm Console: PS3 Radnet: Yes Regular Edition: Yes