I'm in helicopter hell grrr

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I hate that they add helicopters into this with fighting. It's not the nature of the game. A prototype isn't a fighting flyer and that I get forced into fighting hydras because some moron decided it would be cool is not fun. I spent an HOUR with those hydras and kept failing the mission after the first two parts. If they going to pull that crap on us, it seems fair that we should be able to save at the part we're at if it's got 3 sequences or even two. They pulled the same thing with prototype one and the boss in Times Square and I kept dying at that third part. I actually quit and traded it because I decided I just didn't care enough to be frustrated for hours because I had to keep resetting after the first checkpoint. The least they could have done was save it after the second one. Grrr. Sorry for the vent, but it seems wrong that they add in these sequences and you cannot save so you get locked into hours of trying to kill something in cycles. They need a save at checkpoint option so that if you have to do something and it's taking longer to kill the thing or do whatever the task is, then you have an out and can come back later to it. It's a shame because I love the game. I love Heller. I love that it's longer and has a really involved story. It's better than the first. But I HATE the flying helicopter crap when I get sucked into fighting hydras to protect some moron who is to much of a coward to get out and run for cover when all the other soldiers have stood and fought EVERYTHING. Then that third cycle where you're fighting in the middle of all these super tall buildings so it's nearly impossible to navigate without hitting them.... Can someone please tell me how to beat this part because I'm ready to trade it at gamestop. It's not fun. It's annoying and aggravating and I play for fun. When it's getting me angry, I'm done. Again, sorry for the vent.
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I got this today, so I've not got there yet, but I totally get what your saying. I jibbed the first game at elizabeth green part because it was frustrating, hope I don't encounter the same problem. I do like the copters, but we shall see. Check youtube for help vid's mate.