Blackwatch Look Silly

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The new Troopers look like a STALKER and a Final fantasy cosplayer collided, In the first one their uniforms/helmets made them look inhuman, regimented and cold. The Friggen commanders look like motorcross riders too.

On the plus side I like the way Heller's powers stem from his ''Mega Bio Jacket'', clever.

I dunno, just feeling aesthetic tonight...

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You want to talk aesthetics?  The DLC is laaaaaaaame.  Armor form is just a skin, so you can't change back and forth from it like you could in the first game.  Of course, that's to be expected since once you're powered up, you don't really take any meaningful damage from much of anything.  I agree that the new Blackwatch look is really uninspired and unrealistic, they looked better in the first game.