About Alex Mercer [possible spoiler]

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Since he became such an ass in P2, I don't really mind killing Alex Mercer... but I find it rather puzzling:

1) if he wants to wipe out the population, why save it in P1 from the nuclear weapon?

2) he seemed to have retained some of his humanity in P1 (saved the people from nuclear detonation, asked that doc to take care of Dana). why did his ego evolved into this SOB in P2?

3) upper Manhatten was detonated in P2 ("death zone"). WTF!?

4) at the end of P1, something regenerated from that bloody mess Alex beaten up. What became of it!?

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idk he sort of became power hungry i guess so he turned evil as he began to believe that no one could except him as he was but idk y but i think for regards to the ending of prototype 2 we haven't seen the last of alex mercer or atleast in prototype 3 you may play as hellers daughter but all grown up and she has to kill a. her father b. someone who killed her father c. alex mercer (my theory he may no t really be fully dead and yes i beat the game twice and got my platinum trophy) or d. other
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if he wants to wipe out the population, why save it in P1 from the nuclear weapon?kongming30
He wants to wipe out humanity. The bomb wwould have killed the infected too.
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The quick and easy answer is that the developers didn't want to Megaman the player (starting the sequel with little or no explanation to why you have to earn the same powers over again), so they came up with a new hero, but in a completely stupid manner. Instead of developing a story about how Mercer would, most likely, go after Pariah to end everything, they told one about how Mercer gives up on humanity after saving it, then creates a whole lot of no talent, reject hacks he infected, the biggest one being the stereotypical black male protagonist of the game. If you're familiar with the Awesome series by Egoraptor, Heller reminds me of the DARPA Chief from Metal Gear Awesome 1, only acting like he's taking himself seriously. Fail.