Fun first person shooter action. It's just that simple.

User Rating: 8 | Project: Snowblind PS2
Project: Snowblind sets you in the role of a genetically enhanced super soldier, equipped with bio-augmentations, that's trying to save the world from a mad man who's using technology to carry out his evil plan of global domination! Despite an uninspired storyline being told by some mediocre voice acting, the game-play is still very good.

Being a First Person Shooter, you would expect to see some fun weapons, and this title doesn't disappoint. Standard guns like an assault rifle and shotgun are available, as well as an EMP gun, a flechette rifle, and a few more. They all feel and sound good, have distinct uses and advantages, and are equipped with primary and secondary actions. There's also a number of secondary weapons available such as flash, gas, EMP and explosive grenades.

Weapons aren't your only tools in this game. Additional supplies you will come across include equipment for hacking into security terminals, riot shields, and bio-cells which power your augmentations.

These augmentations provide you with special abilities such as ballistic shielding, a cloaking device, enhanced vision, enhanced reflexes, and more. They add a lot of fun to the game-play, and a little more strategy to the missions.

As the levels progress you'll find a little bit of variety in the approach you can take to completing the objectives. Although the outcome never changes, there will be the opportunity to go in guns blazing, or to take more subtle and sneaky approach. It's just too bad they didn't branch out the options a little as the alternative routes are limited. Despite the linearity to the level design, all of those weapons, and tools helps to add some variety in getting from point A to point B.

The developers also provided a bit of tease early in the game by throwing in a couple armored cars to drive around in, but the level was very closed-in and short. Unfortunately they never fully revisited the concept of using vehicles later in the game. Couple this with a anti-climactic ending, and you get the occasional feeling that some parts of the game weren't entirely finished yet.

Secondary objectives are also sprinkled throughout the game to help add to the difficulty level, which does start ramping up about half way through. Although there's only one difficulty setting available, most gamers that have played an FPS before should be able to manage it.

Save points are evenly placed throughout the levels to make your deaths a little less disappointing. You'll have to be sure to check your radar though, as the save points are often tucked away in a corner that you would not necessarily stumble across following your standard check points.

Thankfully your radar works very well, and does a great job at keeping you from getting lost or disorientated. You will have to work harder though if you want to find the bonus items available in some of the levels.

The controls also make it easy to navigate the terrain. The button layout makes sense, and is simple to manage.

Ammunition and health packs aren't hard to find. This may all make the game sound too easy, but since the later levels can throw quite the busy waves of bad guys after you, you'll be glad they didn't skimp on these other details.
As overwhelmed as you can feel at times, you also never feel hopeless; you just may need a few practice runs in some areas to help develop the best plan of attack.

It's not a revolutionary first person shooter, but it doesn't have to be. It sticks to some classic formulas to deliver and exciting experience with some fun features.