a lot of fun. just enough variety without being confusing.

User Rating: 8.5 | Project: Snowblind PC
this is one solid game. aside from some graphics issues which i resolved by adjusting settings this game really didn't give me any problems.
for anyone who enjoyed deus ex or deus ex: invisible war (which are both fantastic) this game is a must. it doesn't have the free roaming aspects of the earlier games but it makes up for this in the pure quality of the action you get to play out. the style of the action brings flashes of call of duty to mind for me because although the game is linear the intensity of the action more than compensates for the seeming lack of choice in the path you travel.
the majority of the game is gunfights but how the battle plays out depends entirely on which method you use to take out your foes. there are different approaches to battle areas via ventilation shafts and alley ways and such but theres also a very nice variety of weapons and special abilities that could suit any fighting style from stealthy sniper to "blow up everything" demo expert.
another small detail that adds to the gunfights is a certain degree of destructable environments. it is definitely not as extensive as it is in games like red faction but it is still very rewarding to be shooting across a courtyard packed with enemies and not only take out your adversary but also obliterate the railing behind which he was standing.
overall, quite a rewarding game. i finished it feeling like i'd gotten far more than my money's worth (around 20 dollars) and it is likely that i will play through this game many times more in the future.