standing in the shadow of 'deus ex'

User Rating: 7 | Project: Snowblind PS2
i'm sure that this is a pretty good game...i mean, it has respectable graphics (for a ps2 game), an interesting setting (near-future hong kong), and decent gameplay (lots of tactics and equipment choice). so, it's probably pretty good...but i can't really tell because all i can think of when i play the game is 'deus ex', one of the best games of all time, and far, far, superior to 'project: snowblind'.

as i'm sure most people know, 'project: snowblind' was going to be a 'deus ex' branded game originally...and there are elements of 'deus ex' throughout, both stylistically and with respect to core gameplay elements, but without any of the RPG elements or the fantasically absorbing (and branching) plot. 'project: snowblind' might have been great on its own, but it withers substantially in the shadow of 'deus ex'.

so maybe it's all in my head, and i'm not giving this game the credit it deserves...but if you played (and loved) 'deus ex' this game will remind you of it enough to make all the ways that it's a weaker game jump out at you.