A good looking game that looks familiar to deux ex fans, but has more action.

User Rating: 8 | Project: Snowblind PS2
Project snowblind is a basic futuristic FPS , but is good in almost all aspects.
(*Spoiler*) You are Lt. Nathan Frost, you are fighting in a coalition against a rebel group know as "The Republic" that is causing chaos in Hong Kong and when you are trying to save one of your coleegues, you get blown by a bomb and die, but then you are seen as a candidate and the doctors turn you into a bio-augmented soldier, now you are going to have to stop the republic from finishing "project: snowblind", a devastating EMP bomb.
The game isn´t too short or too hard, it has a solid gameplay, good selection of weapons and you are awarded with some cool powers along the way, the graphics could be better, but they´re pretty fair,
Sometimes will be possible to drive vehicles like cars and the "OGRE" a giant assault bot.
Something that i didn´t like was the fact that your enemies all die the same way and that it can get a little boring
If you like games from the genres of Resistance or Halo (sort of), or if you just wished that Deus Ex would have more Action-elements instead of RPG ones, this is a game that i recommend.