Great fps but it's overall too short & too easy.

User Rating: 8 | Project: Snowblind XBOX
Picked this up used for $5 at f.y.e. And it turned out to be a good deal, since renting it would've cost the same.

Graphics - decent. Not the greatest when it comes to the cutscenes but it all flows nicely in-game. The only upsetting graphic i noticed was the main character's techie buddy, the guy with the glasses. I think they meant to make him look a little chubby but he reminds me of one of those blockhead characters from Gumby. So it's more comical than upsetting, really.

Controls - mostly standard fps controls, except crouch is assigned to a button. I'm used to crouch being assigned to L3. Instead, L3 is your melee attack, which is a knuckle sandwich. But i got used to it. What i didn't get used to was switching between tossables (grenades, etc) and the special bio-abilities. They're assigned to right & left, respectively, and it wasn't easy cycling through them in a firefight.

Sound - very well done. Even the voice-acting is good. Gunshots, explosions, etc, all contributed to the action & none of it seemed hindered (no sound cancelled or deteriorated other sounds). There were even situations where you could over-hear enemies talking. Humor ensues.

Environment - nicely done, plenty of detail. There is an extensive use of haze, however. Doesn't deter from gameplay but they could've gone with less and still would've had a good-looking game. Not a lot of the environment is interactive but that's typical in most shooters. At least you can throw stuff like boxes & drums full of explosive substances. And there are parts of the environment that do change every now & then but only to promote the advancement of the plot/mission(s).

Difficulty - easy most of the time, which is good & bad. Good, because you don't die a lot, bad because you're not challenged enough. The arsenal is very extensive and you can carry aaalll of it with you, provided you have ammo. Add that to your bio enhancements and you're virtually unstoppable. There are saves within levels that aid in your progress but for the most part they're unnecessary (unless you have to stop playing & do something else, like eat, work, go outside, etc). And i only ran into one boss. However, the enemy AI isn't stupid, either. They're pretty clever half the time but only when they've spotted you. Many times you'll either be sneaking around or you'll have AI buddies of your own to distract them.

Game Length - each level is long enough to be interesting & exciting but there aren't enough of them. I played the game maybe 1-2 hrs a day and beat it in less than a week. Unsure of the replay value but i suppose one could explore the levels more, since they're not 100% linear. There's also online play, to add a little variety.

Storyline - good plot, just not very original. Reminded me of Escape From L.A., starring Kurt Russell. It's not a total rip of the movie but there is a common element. I won't say more than that, though, to avoid too many spoilers.