One of those First person shooters that can really captivate you. But when it ends your literally begging for more.

User Rating: 9 | Project: Snowblind PS2
So you are Lt. Nathan Frost. Set some 50 years into the future. You are thrown into a war that takes place somewhere in Hong Kong, or some Asian place(didn't pay much attention to the locations), That pits you against the Republic. What I hate in alot of First-Person shooters is you dont get to know your teammates that well. This game pulls it off pretty well with cutscenes, and plenty of conversations.

The Good: The sound fits the game pretty well. Sometimes you'll hear something kinda Asian but thats where it takes place. The weapons can be pretty fun to use. From the H.E.R.F. Which fires electricity of some sort that will attack any nearby enemies as well as the one your aiming at, your Rail Cannon, thats pretty dang strong, and can kill just about anything in 1 hit, except for some of the mechs or robots or whatever you call them. The gameplay. Not too much different from your average FPS, but because of the characters, the storyline, the weapons, and some fun little things they threw in really makes it fun. Let me tell you about the little things. At the first level of the game your characte, Nate Frost, well, basically almost dies. So they give him bioenhancements. So now his arms are glowing. But thats not all. Now you will gain different abilitys in the game that lets you switch to different visions, and even let you slow down time, turn invisible, have a force field that protects you from all shots and you'll get to go all sith all your enemies and fire electricity out of your hand.Some parts of the game they try to throw in stealth. The stealth isn't a must but its recommended. If you like Metal Gear Solid(no this isn't anything like MGS), you'll probably have fun sneaking behind your enemies, firing a quick shot to the head with your silenced pistol, Or sniping enemies down one by one before they even know what hit them. Turning invisible makes this even funner. "Oh no theres 20 soldiers around that corner but im low on health!" Turn invisible and you can walk right past them. The graphics are good for the PS2. Very good. Like I mentioned, actually talking and interacting with your soldiers, and not just some guy brief you before the mission and you run through it gunning everyone down, makes it alot better. Also the multiplayer in this game is very fun. Definitely something you can have some fun with after you beat it.

The Bad:The campaign is to short! I beat it some around 10 hours im guessing(how should I know I don't keep track. But I do know it's short).At least theres multiplayer. Sadly only online though. No splitscreen.

If you own a PS2. Buy this game! It's an amazing FPS that any fan of them should play. Must have that anybody should add to their collection. It's definitely one of the best First-Person Shooters for the PS2 .