Some interesting weaponry & special abilities to loose you're patience, trying to kill a drunken horde of enemies.

User Rating: 7 | Project: Snowblind XBOX
Idea/Originality 1 point

Storyline 1 point

Animations 1 point

Sound/Music 0.5 points

- Not too much impressed, missing the spirit of the music to pull you into the game, and some sounds of weapons and environment are low... in this new age of computer technology.

Graphics 1 point

Mission updates/Debriefing/Objectives 1 point

Game play 0 points

- Nonlinear and unbalanced game difficulty ... First section of the game is too easy...then comes the General and his stealth soldiers too hard...and finally the end campaign moderate to easy...
- Primitive throwing..only straight forward...mostly grenades either hand or rifle blow up in your face rather then on enemies...especially if you are standing near a cower. So you can't use to much of S.W.A.T. tactics like search for cover and strike at the enemy with grenades..because there is an invisible barrier when you stand up from cover preventing grenades to overpass, so usually you blow up yourself and your squad...and grenades don't bounce off regularly in the right corner; but usually bounce back in your face really irritating.
- Special powers at your disposal use certain percent of your bioreserves...resulting that some special abilities eat up remaining bioreserves power and don't even start because there isn't enough?.. why not make linear consumption?
- and the list goes on....

AI 0 points

- basic AI without some significant intelligence...just make your pick of multiple enemies attacking without organization or thought...mostly straightforward.
- unable to take cover from bombardment.. they just keep on paroling the area like nothing happened while their buddies are being blown up.
- If not for multiple masses of enemies there is no challenge...only exception are the stealth soldiers few but deadly armed...also no sign of intelligence passed by few of them didn't even notice me when I walked on higher or lower ground... even if opening fire upon them..
- robots/boots blind wandering I guess in search of something, but not me.

Weapons/Armor/Upgrades 1 point

- Massive amount of weaponry combined with grenades and special abilities. Maybe too much weaponry to carry all at once.
- All weapon have primary and secondary fire...on some its ridiculous but still on the others it's most impressive.
- best grenade to mention is Spiderbot (deploys into small spider robot) ... save them for hard multiple enemy areas or near the general they create diversion while you pick your enemies one by one.
- special abilities from shielding to lightning attack
- On the map you can find some stationary miniguns (chainguns) and vehicles
- Most impressive weapon is Flechette with secondary fire that produces a flying swarm of attack drones that chase enemies around the map and electrify them to death slowly, so you can hear the screams of your enemies in pain....there are some pointless weapons but for me the remark comes to a sniper rifle because it's infective on harder enemies, it's like you're handling a BB gun, yet still you carry a small amount of ammo rounds...

Multiplayer 0.5 points

- no split screen to play singleplayer campaigns with another player