Worth Playing - very innovative and interesting adoption of many aspects form other games

User Rating: 8.5 | Project: Snowblind PC
This game adopted many ideas from many different games and I must say the developers have done it successfully.

I am writing this review a couple of years after i played it, so I can say that it was so successful that many games after it copied ideas from it.

I can't say it is a legendary game so I cannot give it a 9 because 9 is the beginiing of my legendary games and 10 are actual legends (9 is kind of the enterenace to the legends of 10 neighbourhood).

Soi, I am inclined to give it 8.5. It deserves 8 for its gameplay but bearing in mind that many games after it disappointed and having the benefit of the hindsight I can say that this game was quite sucessful and deserved that 0.5 extra.

I do recommend it. Enjoy it!!

My marking system is as follows:

10 - Absolute Legend
9 - Must Be Played
8 - Excellent and Worth Your Time
7 - Worth playing if you have nothing else to play
6 - worh playing if you have nothing to play and are incredbly bored and have not got absolutely anything else to do. (Barely playable/enjoyable).

I don't give marks 1-5 as if a game starts sucking I don't finish it, so I only review the games that are barely playable (6) to the absolutely amazingly incredible ones (10).

I will also probably keep my reviews short as I don't like discovering too much about the gameplay. I only like to give my quick opinion and get on with life.

Best Wishes to everyone,