An excellent sci-fi FPS for the PS2...Best PS2 graphics I have seen.

User Rating: 9 | Project: Snowblind PS2
I was looking for a new game...nothing flashy, just something to waste away the hours. I go to my local Gamestop, and decide to pick this up. I go home, pop in the disc, and am immediately thrown into the action.

The first thing I notice is the graphics. I am literally blown away by seeing this kind of quality on the PS2. Solid framerate, smooth textures, simply excellent.

After the first level, I'm definitely drawn into the game. The story is engaging and fun, though a tad short. I'm not usually one that beats games on a regular basis, but this just took me a week or so, going for about 3 hours a day.

The gameplay itself is also a lot of fun. Sounds are good, though not outstanding. Weapons don't vary much, when briefly experimenting with, but you'll soon learn how your secondary fire and other weapons can all play into the equation in different ways. This presents a bunch of fun ways to take down your enemy.

Where the gameplay really shines is your different abilities taken on when you're turned into a cyborg (after the first level.) You can slow everything down, use a shield that makes you invincible for a short period of time, send electric pulses at enemies, blinding and hurting them, and turn invisible, also for not very long. There's nothing quite as fun as pumping your shotgun, turning around when everything is in slow motion, and blasting an enemy in the chest point blank, sending him flying through the air.

The environments are somewhat destructible, and also highly detailed , immersing you further into the world around you. There are different types of enemies, so they are not all carbon copies running around Clone Wars style.

Vehicles can be fun, particularly mech-walkers and tanks. There are some others as well, cars, and SUV-ish things with mounted turrets. Sometimes they come in handy, sometimes not so much (when your opponent has a missile launcher.)

The multiplayer is a lot of fun, and has a lot of potential, but unfortunately, the online community is almost dead. I highly encourage others to buy this game and get online, because it is engaging and highly entertaining, when you can find others to play with.

This is an excellent buy, even if just for the single player. The multiplayer could be a lot of fun, and there are a few people who play online, but there just need to be more for it to be worthwhile. If you have a chance, definitely pick up this game. It's worth every penny.