A great fps that actually manages to stand out from the rest.

User Rating: 9 | Project: Snowblind PS2
Project: Snowblind is a great game. It may be a fps, but manages to do something that few fps do, it makes in interesting world and writes a story you'll actually care about. It also manages to have an epic feel.

Lets start with the story. You'll start the game as Lt. Nathan Frost a solider positioned in futuristic Hong Kong. After being critically wounded during the first battle of the game you'll be chosen (involuntarily) as a new subject for the secret Project: Snowblind. To summarize the project the government is trying to make a super solider and your him.

The rest of the game is spent developing your abilities (thermo vision, super reflexes, and later invisibilty) and fighting the evil Republic (trust me these guys ain't hanging out with Luke and plotting to stop Darth Vader).

Some of the more interesting parts of Project: Snowblind are your powers themselves which are a lot of fun. Also the epic battles with tons of enemies and allies all going at it. Another highlight is the weapons. Sure some of them are your typical fps guns (pistol, shotgun, etc), but then there's also spider grenades, hackers (you can use these you hack mechs and to turn security units against your enemies. All these weapons are a lot of fun, but without a doubt my favorite is the gun you'll near the end that can shoot through walls.

Okay I've rambled on enough.

In conclusion this game is a lot of fun and worth at the very least a rental from every PS2 owner.