Good game, but linear gameplay hurts the games draw.

User Rating: 7 | Project: Snowblind PS2
This game, like so many others, is a fps game. You are presented as a super soldier and its your job to save the world from a giant emp bomb. All this sounds great, right? Lets break it down.
large weapon choice is great. Unlike Halo, where you have only 2 weapons at a time, you are able to carry and use all your weapons at all times in this game. The shooting mechanics feel good, and they have a realistic look to them. The powers you are able to use are also good. Ballistic shielding, advanced reflexes, invisibility, and several others, give the game an interesting edge when choosing to employ these powers, though at no point did I actually find them necessary. The enemy AI is excellent in this game, they act like you would expect enemies who aren't expecting you would act

The worst part about this game is how linear it is. There is only one way to do things through the entire thing, there wasn't any real thought put into this. There is absolutely no replay value here. Stealth isn't required, but it is a very strong suggestion unless you want to die over and over again. This along with the linear structure makes it a game to Rent, but not one you would want to own.