unique in its own way

User Rating: 8.5 | Project: Snowblind PS2
this game is fun just plain fun and you want to know why heres why
1. I have heard its a halo knock off in ways yes but this game in a way its different from the 1 level to the last
2. The reason i think that is because the game has pretty good stealth mechanics for example while i was playing i went invisible(i will explain that later)and headshot and enemy without alarming guards
3. This game keeps on giving in the first few levels in the game it plunges you into the action and with powers that work perfectly the stealth is good and fun stealth mechanics that you would want in a fps
4. The weapons are variety for example there is a weapon called the ice pick were you can hack machines are enemy tanks and use them against them are hack computerized programs to override turrets or lasers from blowing your cover for a stealth approach
5. In the first few levels of the game you get abilities like slowing for example or as i said before invisibility
Now i may not have talked a lot about this game but you know what what the heck perfect A.I., good variety of guns,solid gameplay, and responsive controls.
This game is fun and keeps on giving........ well what are you doing still reading this get up and buy it now!