What Project: Snowblind lacks in innovation it makes up for in gameplay

User Rating: 9 | Project: Snowblind XBOX
There have been many FPSs that have helped establish the genre as one of the dominant video game genre, including Doom, Duke Nukem, HALO, and Resistance: Fall of Man. While Project: Snowblind is definatlly not going to be remembered as the next HALO or MGS4, it's still a fun, and interesting game.

The game takes place in Hong Kong in the year 2065, and focuses on the story of a peacekeeper turned super solider: Nathan Frost. The game opens with Frost's deployment to Hong Kong, where he is seriously injured during a coup de tate staged by a rouge Chinese military force, known as the Republic, led by General Yan-Lo, and Frost's mission is to assist the Liberty Cololition's counter attack on the Republic's forces in Hong Kong.

When the game first opens, the first things players will notice are the graphics. While not on par with games like HALO, they are very bright and very colorful, taking full advantage of the Xbox's hardware. In additon to the standared FPS weapons, including a pistol, assault rifle, and the ever popular rocket launcher, Frost's bio enhancments provide for a wide arange of powers, including night vision, ballistic shielding, and even a cloaking device.

Dispite it's graphics and variety in terms of weapons and abilities Snowblind suffers from it's fair share of flaws. The first of these is that instead of an arrow to dirrect you to your next objective, the screen is filled with flashing yellow lines, which in the heat of battle can be very disorenting and at times can even get you killed because the lines can cover the enemy. Another major flaw the game has are the controlls used to switch weapons. It is very difficult to switch a weapon or ability, and in the heat of battle when you need to change weapons in a hurry this can become quite annoying.

Over all Snowblind is a fairly well executed FPS, but ultimatly falls short, owing to a recycled storyline, weapons, and bad switching controls. Snowblind is one of those games that will appeal to fans of First Person Shooters, and casual gamers as well.