A console port that deserves a try because of the setting and mood.

User Rating: 6.5 | Project: Snowblind PC
If you like the movie Blade Runner and Deus Ex PC game, you probably may like Project Snowblind despite its obvious console origin. The setting is similar to the mentioned titles, pretty atmospheric, including the soundtrack and background sounds. The story is not that interesting but it is also not very important for the gameplay and mood. Graphics have extremely washed out colors and are somewhat dull but partly really good. Firefights feel a bit fake: a lot of shooting and noise but too little real damage. Enemies are really dumb, futuristic weapons are OK. Cut scenes are annoying but are within tolerable limits. Console-like highlighting of objects and buttons is also a bit annoying but surprisingly bearable. Objects can be lifted and manipulated like in Half Life 2, which is fun. The first half of the game up to the Sewers level feels like a game for the kindergarten, but after that the gameplay gets much better and more like a good PC game. Vehicles are fun to drive and have really good control, which is rare in the gaming world. When I played a demo of this game, I first did not like it at all, it seemed almost laughable, but then something in it made me go back and play through the whole game. And I do not regret. If you are a PC gamer and like future noir and dystopian story, you likely may tolerate the console flair of Project Snowblind, a bit too simple gameplay and retarded AI and may really enjoy the game at some moments, but it will definitely not be your first choice.