Nothing inventive, but still a lot of fun

User Rating: 8 | Project: Snowblind XBOX
Gameplay: There's really nothing revolutionary or new here, but all of it still works really well. The weapons are very nice, and the skills you are given are fun and really handy, though some of them are unnecessary. In addition, the game is pretty easy, but nonetheless, a blast to play.

Graphics: Like the gameplay, the graphics are nothing to write home about, but they work well. The cutscenes have a strange blur to them, but the blur fits with the futuristic and dreamy elements of the game. Many of the weapons effects are very nice as well.

Sound: Nothing special here. Once again, the sound is satisfactory, but nothing great. The voiceover work is good, and the weapons' sounds are good.

Value: The game is very VERY short and easy, so at full price, its probably not much of a value, but as a bargain bin item or a rental, its fun.

Tilt: None of the elements are exceptionally unique or special, but it never ceased to be fun, which is the most important element of a game. Therefore, I give it a small nudge to a higher score.