VERY GREAT FIGHTING GAME! sadly due to the Dreamcast's short-life, barely any of the consoles great games got noticed.

User Rating: 10 | Moero! Justice Gakuen DC
Project Justice is the 2nd official "Rival Schools" game. Rival Schools was released for the Playstation in the late 90's.

Basically you fight as students from different schools, so you really get the whole school-spirit feelings in this game. it's really fun and easy to get into.

I won't say you will need to be a A+ fighting gamer to enjoy this game BUT you may want to go into training-mode and get the basic combo's down. but trust me, it's not hard at all. you will have a blast in 2 player-mode with family or friends.

The really fun feature about this game is you fight in groups, so you can call out other group member to help you in a fight. some will heal you or some will join you in a combo. they can also be avoided if your the person getting tag-teamed, it's kill or be killed. you must hit the person trying to tag-team you 1st and it will be blocked.

The Story is easy to get into. You really don't need to had played "Rival Schools" to enjoy the 2nd game BUT i highly agree that you should play Rival Schools too.

The Characters are all cool. the game is very balanced due to having group-members. if you can't beat somebody with a character then switch to another. i like Shoma, Kyosuke, Batsu (the series main character), Akira, Roberto and Ran.

The Music is good. I personally love the "roof-top" stage BGM. it plays when you fight on the schools's roof-top.

it's a VERY GOOD game to take your stress out on when in real-life your teacher gives you a failing grade on a test =)

it's a perfect 10! great 2nd game to a already amazing game.

BOTTOM-LINE= Project Justice is a very good reason to want to buy a Dreamcast again.