Fun , colourful, and totally mad. But also one of the best fighters ever created.

User Rating: 8.9 | Moero! Justice Gakuen DC
This is what street fighter ex should have turned out like. And its a real shame that it didnt get treated with the same love , both by the creators and the fans, as project justice was. Now lets get this out of the way, this is not really 3d. you cant move in 3d. yes the characters do move round the others while dodgeing and the like , but its still 90% 2d. And thats fine, it works brilliantly like this.

Project justice is possibly the most perfectly polished fighting game (after soul clibur and virtua fighter) on the dreamcast. Everything is tuned to perfection , and it plays brilliantly. Its one of the few games that really is accessible and deep. without being overly complex. The visuals are what really stand out, poppy , bright , really like an anime come to life. And everything is full of character , from the cast to the levels . And what character, (in the same sence as you'd say your mental grandma / local cat lady was a character) This game is mad! Moves are as basic as your classic punch and kick, But also as over the top enough to include , of all things , a swimming routine, and a photo session.

The games arcade mode is also full of story, unlike your short one liners , theres a full story for each team , with comic book cut scenes before and after each match. Brilliantly eye pleasing they are too. Sure its not as deep as any story in your basic platformer or rpg. But its something none the less. And its got so much replay value, with multiple endings depending on your actions and a bundle of characters to unlock.

Its a shame so few people know or play the rival schools games, this really is one to play.