Still in PGR2's shadow but fantastic nevertheless.

User Rating: 8.5 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Well, its fantastic. The graphics are beautiful - especialy the weather effects & theres loads to do. The icing on this cake though is the sublime handling. Going round corners sideways has never been so much fun. Yet it still has its foot slightly in the real world. More powerful cars must be eased into accelerating to stop wheelspins, braking should be used smartly & the racing line should be followed for best chance of success. This gives it lots of depth that would normaly be missing from the more arcadey style racing games.

However it is still in the shadow of PGR2 IMO. Theres a lack of challenges & content compared to this high point of the series. Also the season mode isnt great & I much prefer the structure of PGR2. But these are small problems.

What stops it getting a 9/10 is the bikes. Which are terrible & a pointless addition. If you never had to use them, then I wouldnt have really been bothered. Unfortunately the game forces you to use them to get all medals in Arcade mode. They are just not fun to use at all & bring the whole package down. Regardless of this though I still highly recommend it to any racing fan. Brilliant game!